Martes, Agosto 1, 2006

why expats enjoy and don't enjoy

First off, I am an american expat and must say life being one is not that ideal for some while to many, it is the best offer one could get whether out of job requirement or out of your own personal benefit. While some would love to be in the place where I am right now, there are some of us who would love to live our lives the other way around.

The reason? Because we love and miss people we have grown accustomed to and knowing we will not see them on weekends and enjoy dinner parties with wines and a nice grilled beef or lamb or a roast turkey on the table, make me look a bit sad. But on the other hand, since most of us do work to have the best position we could ever get and some work hard to earn respect and some work hard to earn more money, there are a few of us being expats who would love to live a life near our loved ones.

 Now, this is not a dilemma but contrary, this is a privilege that very few enjoy. I'm glad though that I am an expat but it does not necessarily mean I love it all. The benefit of receive quite a big sum of money in return for the longing for friends we have grown accustomed to and knowing we will meet them-type of weekends is something that our salaries could not actually pay for. Sometimes we expats do think it is better that we didn't accept the workload being an expat but its part of work and we must abide by the company rules.

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