Lunes, Setyembre 9, 2013

Seafarer Loan - The Only 1 Day Release Lending in the Philippines

You can go around the world and try to seek for the fastest loan approval and proceeds release but you will never find a type of lending that awards the loanable amount money as fast as the seaman loan does. But where can you find it? It's only in the Philippines and nowhere else.

Also the fact that only in the Philippines can you find the fastest handover of the car loan proceeds. In fact it goes as fast as 1 day application processing and release of the loan. No, you can't and will not find this loan the same with banks compared to private lending companies for the simple fact that banks don't dedicate so much time with their credit investigation efforts compared to what time private lending companies devote to in this matter or should I say most important part of security for any or all lending companies in the world.

Again, even if you go around the world and try to see where you will find such, you will never find one as fast as the loan for maritime workers or sea-based workers in the Philippines.

If you want to apply, you can try to visit Global Dominion, Asialink or South Asialink, CVFC lending, Aladdin Lending and many other private lending companies.

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