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Top 10 Things In Life I Am Thankful for in 2013

If there are things I am thankful for this year 2013, i'd like to have it all on this list and since I have a lot, I'd like to break them all down into just the top 10 ones that have impacted me and my family's life. Here goes -

  1. Work - I am thankful that I have a work that pays all the bills and more to allow me to buy the things that would make the family happy. I am thankful for learning how to blog and write content that has given us more than we expected for a passive income. I am thankful for becoming and attracting a new freelance offline job in the loan and lending industry in the Philippines where I can use my online marketing skills to earn yet more passive income that the family is looking forward to get the money to buy our new house next year, 2014.
  2. Health -  I am thankful for the healthy body that we all have today more than ever because we can now buy the healthy food we all love to eat. Health is something so important in people's lives and being given the chance to dictate what health the family will through the food we eat is something we are truly and whole heartedly thankful for. 
  3. Wife -  I am thankful for having a wife who has given me the strength and wisdom I have developed and improved through time of going through the hardships in life being with her. I love her so much and little by little, she is undergoing the changes I have always seen positively coming to change her for the better.
  4. Daughter - I am so much blessed to have a daughter who understands and does her own job of contributing for a better family relationship. Someone who has done her chore so perfectly beyond expectation and someone who inspires us couple to work even harder for today and a better future.
  5. Parents - I've always had parents who supported us with so much trust and belief in our capabilities and skills to achieve a better life in their lifetime. Elders who consider me and my family to be a good and in fact better example to others and to other family members as well. Parents who are proud to have us by their side looking and giving them the happiness in life knowing we are just here all the way.
  6. Brothers and sisters - I am so proud and glad to have brothers and sisters who support us couple. People who have always been there beside us who have taught us more lessons in life and made us realize that we are so blessed each and everyday of our life in many ways and means we never though we'd see through in this lifetime.
  7. People Around and Friends - Glad and thankful that we have friends who have greatly contributed for us being good persons willing to lend a helping hand. Friends and people behind us who have taught us a lesson to learn in life and in the end appreciate what we have is more than just success but hands that have molded us to become better people in this world.
  8. Material things -  Thankful for all the material things in life that we have been able to get out of being industrious couple in our lifetime. Things that have helped us realize how eternal we can be and that they are just something to hold on to and use to even more help us and people around us realize that all material things are temporary and may therefore be here today but gone tomorrow.
  9. Events - Life's mischiefs and good things that have happened this year are simply the best things in life. They are our instruments and teachers helping us learn a lesson or two from being bad at times and good people at most.
  10. Life and love - It is what we all treasure. Being given the air we breathe each and every day is something that we ought to realize is free. Therefore, life is really something that is free. We are all free to think, life, eat, breathe, drink, show love, be given love, time and all. All is free. It has been given to us beforehand. That with the blessing of life, we ought to know and understand that all these things, given us free is up to us to take and accept. If we have life, then let us give life to others as well. Extend many little things in the form of little blessings and they will come back double the amount of what we thought possible. Love one another.

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